208 N. 34th Street


The History of the Building


Built by Wilson Brothers for Robert Gibson (Catalogue of Work Executed, Wilson Brothers & Co., 1885, p. 7.)


“three-story red brick Victorian house with wood porch; originally half of a double, now joined with its neighbor 210. The original front door has been completely bricked in. The building has a flat roof and decorative pressed brick trim which is also used for splayed lintels. Altered in 1920 by architects Hoffman-Henon.”

(Inventory of Buildings in Powelton from the application submitted to the national register of Historic Places)


1969: The houses on the west side of the 200 block of 34th St. were saved from condemnation and demolition by an agreement between the Powelton Village Homeowners Association and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority. (see Powelton Quarterly, vol 1(1); pp 1 &3.)



Previous Residents of 208 N. 34th Street


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1879, Oct. 20: Title transferred to Elizabeth R. Gibson by Henry D. Justi



Robert Gibson             41        Builder; father born in Ireland

Elizabeta Gibson         39        Father born in MD.

Maggie Gibson            11

Bessie Gibson                7

Elizabeth Eager           76        Mother[-in-law]

Mary Lovingood          21        Servant; mother born in Ohio

(ED 483, 1-2)

            In 1870, Robert and Elizabeth Gibson and her mother Elizabeth Eager lived in Lewistown, Pa. where he was a bridge builder.  It is likely that he worked for the Wilson brothers who built the house for him and who started out as bridge builders for the Pennsylvania Railroad.


1887 Directory (compiled fall of 1886): Robert W. Gibson, contractor, 330 Walnut, h 208 N. 34th


1888, Jul. 19: Title transferred to Dwight B. Fuller by Elizabeth R. Gibson


1889: Marriage license issued to Ida Hoff Snyder and Joseph Cutler Fuller

            In 1900, they lived at 413 N. 41st St.  By 1905, they were living at 309 N. 34th St.


1890 Directory: Dwight B. Fuller, Jr., dentist [D.D.S. from Univ. Penna., 1887]                   

                           Dwight B. Fuller

                           John G. Fuller, dentist [D.D.S. from Univ. Penna., 1889]


1891, April 21: Marriage of Alice Carey Jenkins of 3703 Powelton Ave. (previously of 3720 Baring St.) to Dr. John G. Fuller of 208 N. 34th St.


“West Philadelphia Ceremony Witnessed by Many

            “One of the prettiest and most fashionable weddings of the season was solemnized yesterday in the Northminster Presbyterian Church, Thirty-fifth and Baring streets, when Miss Alice Carey Jenkins was married to Dr. John G Fuller. The ceremony was performed by the pastor of the church, the Rev. Robert H Fulton, D. D., assisted by J. Addison Henry, D. D., of Princeton Presbyterian Church.

            “The bridesmaids were Miss Eleanor List, Miss Lilian Fitler, Miss Bertha Welsh [3419 Hamilton St.], Miss Mary Lowery, and Miss Ella Fuller, sister of the groom. The ushers were Albert E. Hoskins; of New York, Robert E. Foster, of Harrisburg; Dr. Dwight B. Fuller, brother of the groom; Robert H. Jenkins, brother of the bride; Henry F. Cook, Henry G. Riebenack [227 N. 34th St.], Marshall E. Collinsworth and Louis A. Hill.

            “After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride's father, 3703 Powelton avenue….”

(Phila. Inquirer, April 22, 1891)


            “On April 21 Dr. John G. Fuller, of the Pennsylvania Bicycle Club, will marry Miss Alice Cary Jenkins, of West Philadelphia.” (Phila Inquirer 4/12/1891)


1892: Dwight Bailey Fuller, Jr. awarded M.D. at Univ. Penna.


1892, Oct. 18: Marriage of Carrie Belle Fuller to Marshall Scott Collingwood

            "At the Princeton Presbyterian Church, Powelton and Saunders avenues, last night, Miss Carrie Bell Fuller, of 208 North thirty-fourth street, was married to Marshall Scott Collingwood, of 3941 Locust street, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. Dr. J. Addison Henry, the pastor of the church.

            “The maid of honor was Miss Ella H. Fuller, a sister of the bride. The flower girl was Miss Rachel Collingwood and the ushers John F. Sheaff, Jr., J. R. Collingwood, of Roanoke Virginia, Dr. D. B. Fuller, Jr., J. Henry Laughlin and Robert E. Christie.

            “The bride was attired in a white corded silk with tulle veil and orange blossoms and carried a bouquet of white flowers. Among the guests present were Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Collingwood, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. James Bateman, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Allison, Miss F.V. Allison, Miss M. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Laughlin, Mr. W. J. McCahan Dr. and Mrs. Collier, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harkness and Rev. Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Reid."  (Phila. Inquirer, Oct. 19)

            In 1900 and 1910, they lived at 873 N. 41st St.  They then moved to 3415 Hamilton St.  Carrie died in 1922 at the age of 57. 


1894, April 25: Death of Dwight B. Fuller, 79 years old. Funeral at his late residence, 208 N. 34th St.

            Property inherited by Dwight B. Fuller [Jr.] et al.



Mrs. Dwight [Sarah] Fuller      65        Born in NY, parents in Ireland; owner, free of mortgage

Dwight D. B. Fuller                 36        Physician; born in NY in 1863, father in Conn., mother in NY

Ella Hewitt Fuller                   26

Katie Logan                             19        Servant: born in Scotland, parents in Ireland

Mary Coneey                           27        Servant; born in Ireland

(ED 483, 3)


1902, Aug. 16: Death of Ella H. Fuller, 29 years old, died at Inlet, Hamilton Co., N.Y.  Burial at West Laurel Hill Cemetery.


1906 Blue Book: Mrs. Dwight B. Fuller

                            Dwight B. Fuller. M. D.

                            Dr. & Mrs. John G. Fuller & daughter

                                    In 1910, Dr. John G. Fuller and his family lived at 3310 Hamilton St. and in 1920, they lived at 3402 Baring St.



Sarah J. Fuller              75        Born in NY, parents in Ireland (English)

Dwight B. Fuller          46        Own income; born in NY, father in Conn., mother in NY

Mary T. Brennan         26        Servant

Grace McFadden         25        Servant; born in Ireland (English); immigrated in 1907

(ED 533, 1B)



Sarah J. Fuller              65        Born in NY

Dwight B. Fuller          53        Physician, eye specialist, self employed

Mary Drewry               40        Servant; born in Ireland, immigrated in 1903

Margaret Friel              48        Servant; born in Ireland, immigrated in 1891

(ED 688, 1B)


1920, Jan. 12: Death of Sarah J. Fuller, 86 years old, widow of Dwight B. Fuller. Funeral at her late residence, 208 N. 34th St.


1920, Apr. 21: Title transferred to Ada B. Marshall by Dwight B. Fuller [Jr.] et al.


1921, Sep. 9: Title transferred to Dwight B. Fuller by John G. Fuller


1920, Oct. 23: Title transferred to John G. Fuller by Ada B. Marshall


1926: Marriage of Ellen M. Fleming to Dwight Fuller


1929, Aug. 1: Death of Dr. Hugh Bradshaw Meredith, 75 years old, of 208 N. 34th. Cause: chronic mycarditis; burial at Episcopal Cemetery, Danville, Pa.

            He previously lived at 3305 Arch St.



Dwight Fuller              64        Medical doctor; married at age 60 [his 2nd]; owner, value of house was $28,100; born in N.Y., father in Conn., mother in N.Y.

Ella F. Fuller               50        Married at age 46

(ED 397, 4B)


1931, Dec. 21: Title transferred to J. Edgar Spielman by Dwight B. Fuller

            Then it was immediately transferred to Dwight B. Fuller and Ellen, his wife.



Dwight B. Fuller          76        Born in New York; five years of college; owner, house valued at $9,800

Ellen F. Fuller             61        One year of college

— next household

Benjamin Pendleton    69        Born in Va.; 8 years of education; renting for $50 per month

Inez S. Pendleton        65        Born in Va.; 8 years of education

Morris H. Lech            35        [Step?] son; school teacher; born in Va. ; four years of college

Benjamin S. Pendleton 30       Clerk for shipping company, earned $1,800 in 1939; born in Md.; four years of high school

— next household

Sarah L. Neel               52        Public-school teacher, earned $2263 for 42 weeks of work in 1939; single; five years of college; renting for $40 per month

Jane L. Irwin                22        Single; five years of college; in 1935 she lived in Tulsa Oklahoma

(ED 693, 3A)

          All the occupants lived here in 1935 with the exception of Miss Irwin.


1943, Jun. 28: Title transferred to Sadie Wolinsky by The Pennsylvania Co. for Insurance and Investment, etc., Trustee


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