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The History of the Building


315-317: “three-story Italianate double, stuccoed with rusticated quoins. Original Victorian wood porch, full-height windows, paired ornate brackets below flat overhang.”

(Inventory of Buildings in Powelton from the application submitted to the National Register of Historic Places, 1985)


Previous Residents of 317 North 35th Street


1855, Sept: Baring “by indenture estate” (Book NDW 64, p. 427)


1856, July 17: transferred from Charles Ingersoll & John Craig Miller, trustees of Harry Bingham Baring to Richard Smethurst (RD 88 149)

            The 1858 Directory lists Richard Smethurst, conveyancer & accountant, 144 S 4th St.


1859, June 4: transferred from Smethurst to Robert Steen (76, 142)


1860, June:

Malcolm Campbell        33         Stock broker; personal property: $9,000

Martha A. Campbell      30

Mary S. Campbell            6

John A. Campbell            5

Kate A. Campbell            4

Alex Campbell                 2

Malcolm Campbell          1

Sarah P. McMullin         45

Anna McMullin             37

Mad McMullin              21

Mary A. Ward               43

Mary McKinney            50         Servant; born in Ireland

Han Ore                       37         Servant; born in Ireland

Ann Martin                   35         Servant; born in Ireland

(Ward 24, ED 7, 100)

            In the 1859 Directory, he was listed as an exchange broker working at 38 S. 3rd with his home at 710 S. 10th St.  The 1860 directory (compiled in the Fall of 1859) lists him as a broker at 230 Walnut St.


1861 Directory: Malcolm Campbell, stockbroker, 35th below Baring.

            The 1866 Directory lists him as working for the Adams’ Express Co. which was at 320 Chestnut St.  He was living at “Hamilton below 33rd, Mantua.”  In 1870, they lived at 3602 Hamilton St.

            The 1868 directory lists him living at 3206 Hamilton St. and working as an insurance agent at 409 Walnut St.


1866, Feb. 22: Robert Steen died and the house passed into an estate which held it until 1920.


1870: apparently not enumerated


1872-‘74 Directories: Samuel A. Jarden, silver plated ware, 306 Chestnut St.

            The directories for 1868-1871 list him living at 1832 Mt. Vernon St.

            The 1870 census lists the following members of his household:

                        Samuel A. Jarden           34         Silver plate manufacturer; personal property: $15,000

                        Almira Jarden               33

                        Mary C. Jarden             10

                        Frank C. Jarden              9

                        Lizzie H. Jarden              7

                        Almira Jarden                2

                        Hester Coyle                 25         Domestic servant; born in Ireland

                        Lizzie Wallan                 18         Domestic servant; parents foreign-born


1875 Directory: Elmira Jarden, widow of Samuel

            The 1876 directory lists her living at 527 S. 42nd St.


1876 Directory: Sansom Perot, maltster [i.e., a person who makes or deals in malt] at corner of N. 16th and Master Sts.

                        William S. Perot, Jr., Perot & [William L.] Allen, grain, 2110 Market


1877-1878 Directories: Edward S. Perot, machinist at N. Front and Oxford

                        Sansom Perot, 125 S. 7th St.

                        William S. Perot, Jr. Perot & [William L.] Allen, grain, 2110 Market



Samuel J. Cresswell        40         Iron worker

Emma L. Cresswell       40

George W. Cresswell     10

C.J. Dougherty              68         Mother

Jos(ephine) Dreher        18         Servant;  parents were born in Germany

(ED 483, 4)

Samuel J. Cresswell provided the iron work for Horticultural Hall for the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Fairmont Park.

            The 1861 Directory list S. J. Cresswell, brass and iron founder & stove maker, 814, 816, & 818 Race, h 243 N 9th.  The 1866 Directory lists Samuel J. T. Cresswell, iron foundry, 816 Race St.  The 1875 directory lists him living at 236 N. 12th St.  The 1878 directory lists him living in Wayne.


1881 Directory: Samuel J. Cresswell

            The 1887 Directory lists them they living at 202 S. 39th St.  His business was then at the corner of Cherry and N. 23rd St.

            In 1887, his brother, David S. Cresswell, lived at 3300 Baring St., apparently for only a few years.


1893 Directory: Benjamin Sharp, Physician

            The 1886 directory lists him living on McKean’s Ave. near Manheim in Germantown.



Benjamin Sharp             41         Professor of Zoology, Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences

Virginia Sharp               42

Dorothy Sharp              17         Born in Germany

Karl B. Sharp                15         [In 1910 his is listed as Benjamin C.]

Harold Sharp                13

Delia Sullivan                 28         Servant; born in Ireland

Nora Sullivan                35         Servant; born in Ireland

(ED 539, 10B)

            In 1910, they were living in Brookline, Mass.  Benjamin was the state Representative for Nantucket.


“Dr. Benjamin Sharp, formerly corresponding secretary of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, died yesterday at Morehead, N.C., aged 56 years.  He was with Commander Peary’s first expedition to the arctic in 1891.  Dr. Sharp was a graduate of Swarthmore College and the Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania, which conferred the degree of Ph. D. on him in 1880, and during his scientific studies abroad, the same degree was given to him by the University of Wurzburg, Bavaria, for his thesis on ‘The Eyes of Molluscs.’  He continued his studies at the Universities of Berlin and Leipsic and the Zoological Station at Naples.

            “On his return he was appointed Professor of Invertebrate Zoology at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, and from 1884 to 1896, he held the same position at the University of Pennsylvania.  He passed the Winter of 1888-1889 on the Caribbee Islands collecting specimens for the academy, and in 1893 he went to the Hawaiian Islands, and in 1895 he made his second trip to the arctic.” (NYT, Jan. 26, 1915)


Of his dedication to Nantucket, it was said that "No 'off islander' I have ever known has absorbed so much of the spirit of all that was best in old Nantucket as he." and “Though not a Nantucketer, he was perhaps the best Nantucketer of us all.”


1902: S. Presser, 317 N. 35th St., member of the Jewish Publications Society, 1902-‘03.


1904 Directory: Selig Presser, ladies' tailor, 42 S. 17th St.


1910: apparently not enumerated


1913 Directory: Ann C. Compton, boarding


1916 Directory: David A. Simpson, paper

                        Thomas M. Simpson, vice-president, Irwin N. MeGargee & Co., Inc., paper, envelopes, card, and board, 12-14 S. 6th St.

                        William Simpson, finisher

                        Matilda M. Ward



Thomas M. Simpson     65         President, wholesale paper; mother born in N.Y.; renting

Helen K. Simpson         55         Mother born in Louisiana

Helen T. Simpson          29         Elementary school teacher

David A. Simpson         25         Clerk in paper business

Mildred A. Simpson      19

Thomas M. Simpson     16

(ED 682, 3A)

            In 1880, Thomas was 25 years old, living with his parents at 1114 Diamond St.  He and his father, James Simpson, were “fancy car dealers.”  The 1895 Directory lists him living in Ardmore running a paper company at 11 S. 7th St. under the name “T. M. Simpson.”  In 1910, Thomas and Helen lived in Lower Merion.  He listed his occupation was clerk in a paper manufacturing company.


1920, Feb. 7: Marriage license issued to Edith L. Wymer of 317 N 35th St. and David A. Simpson of 317 N 35th St.  They were married the same year.  (Phila. Inquirer and Phila. Marriage Index)



Helen K. Simpson         65         Widowed; mother born in N.Y.; owner, house valued at $9,000

Helen T. Simpson          39         Manager of a dress shop

– 2nd household

Gordon Willms (?)        25         Advertising agent; born in N.Y., father born in S.C., mother in N.Y.

Mary Willms                  24         Born in N.Y., father born in N.Y., mother in Conn.

Mary A. Apple               67         Lodger; widowed

Catherine Gravell           31         Lodger; clerk in insurance firm; born in W.D., parents born in Va.

Annie E. MacLaughlin   50         Lodger; single

Ethel Coene                  44         Lodger; collect, electric [rest illegible]; single; father born in Ken., mother in Ind.

(ED 395, 22B)



Helen K. Simpson         76         Widowed; owner, house valued at $6,000; 1 year of high school

Helen T. Simpson          50         Single; executive in dress manufacturing company, earned $1,500 in 1939; 4 years of high school

Thomas M. Simpson     36         Salesman for a publishing company; married; 4 years of high school

Marion Armstrong        61         Sister; widowed; lived here 5 years ago; 4 years of high school

Annie L. Maclaughlin     82         Lodger; single; 4 years of high school

(ED 51-685, 10A)


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