3415 Hamilton Street





The northern edge of this property was part of the northern boundary of the Bingham-Baring estate.


Previous Residents of 3415 Hamilton Street


1866 IRS Records: Robert Glendenning, Hamilton above 34th North side, 6th house

            The 1867 Directory (Fall, 1866) lists him living on 33rd near Haverford.


1868 Directory: Robert Glendinning cashier

                        Walter S. Glendinning, clerk

            In 1870, they lived at 3405 Baring St.  In 1869, Ronert and William Glendinning lived at 3419 Hamilton St.



William W. Caldwell                42        Wholesale cloth merchant; no real estate (renter), personal: $25,000

Maria Caldwell                        38        Born in England

Frank S. Caldwell                    21        Clerk in a dry goods store

Mary T. Caldwell                     17

Mildred T. Caldwell                 14        Attending school

Chester T. Caldwell                   5        Attending school

Bella Heron                             18        Domestic servant; born in Ireland

(ED 77, 27; 2nd enum.: 31)

            William Wallace caldwell and Maria De Younge were married in Philadelphia May 3, 1847.  The 1866 Directory lists him as a merchant at 207 Church and living at 2127 Arch.  The 1887 Directory lists William W. Caldwell, “heddlemkr” living at 2112 N 5th.  A heddle is defined as “one of the sets of vertical cords or wires in a loom, forming the principal part of the harness that guides the warp threads..”


1871, Dec. 15: Death of William Wallace Caldwell



H[iram] L[ewis] Cooper           32        Widowed/divorced

A. R. Cooper                           63        Mother; widowed

George R. Cooper                    36        Brother; married

William Cooper                        9         Son (of Hiram)

Walter Cooper                          4         Son (of Hiram)

Ida Harvey                              21        Servant; black; born in MD, parents in Pa.

Sarah Cottmans                       25        Servant; black; born in MD, parents in Pa.

(ED 483, 30)


1881 Directory: Hiram L. Cooper (I. Reifsnyder & Co.)

                          I. Reifsnyder & Co. (Israel Reifsnyder & Hiram L. Cooper), wool, 13 Letitia St.


1889 Directory: George B. Armitage, insurance, 401 Walnut, home 3415 Hamilton


1890-‘91 Blue Book: Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Armitage - in 1891 G. B. Armitage was Secretary of the Spring Garden Fire Insurance Co.


1890 Directory: George B. Armitage



Elizabeth Agnew                     59        Born in Ireland

Clara  Richardson                    69        Border; single

Margaret Craig                         35        Servant; married; born in Ireland

(ED 539, 12A)



Elizabeth Agnew                     69        Single; parents born in Ireland

Craig, Margaret                        25        Servant; single; born in Ireland

(ED 488, 4B)


1919-‘20 Catalogue of U. of Pennsylvania Elizabeth Fuller Collingswood; sophomore



Marshall S. Collingwood          53        Treasurer of an educational board; father born in N.Y.; renting

Carrie B. Collingwood             56        Parents born in N.Y.

Elizabeth F. Collingwood        23        High school teacher

Joseph F. Collingwood            15

(ED 682, 1A)

            In 1900 and 1910, they lived at 873 N. 41st St.  Carrie was the daughter of Dwight B. and Sarah Fuller, 208 N. 34th St.


1920, December: Deed transferred from W. Austin Obdyke (Surviving Trustee of Will of Robert Steen) to Marshall S. & Carrie Fuller Collingwood.


1921: Marshall Collingwood: Treasurer Pub. and S.C. Work Board for the Presbyterian Church (Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United...)


1922, Feb. 4: Death of Carrie B. Collingwood, wife of Marshall S. Collingwood and daughter of the late Dwight B. and Sarah J. Fuller of 3415 Hamilton St.. Funeral at her late residence.

            “Mrs. C. F. Collingwood -  D.A.R. Official and Philumasian Club Member Dies

            “Carrie Fuller Collingwood, wife of Marshall S. Collingwood, treasurer of the Presbyterian Board of Philadelphia and Sabbath School Work, died on Saturday, at her home, 3415 Hamilton street.  Mrs. Collingwood came to Philadelphia from Buffalo as a girl.

            “She was a member of the Philomusian Club and of the Princeton Presbyterian Church, at Powelton and Saunders avenues. She was historian of the Liberty Bell Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

            “Mrs. Collingwood is survived by her husband, one daughter, Elizabeth, and a son, Joseph.  Funeral services will be held at her late residence tomorrow at 3 o’clock.  Burial will be in West Laurel Hill Cemetery.”        (Phila. Inquirer, Feb. 3)



John R. Morrison         28        Linesman with the Electric Company; married at age 27; born in S.C.; owner, house valued at $70,000 [?]

Allie Morrison             20        Married at age 20; born in S.C.

John Morrison, Jr.        less than a year old

John Hudson,              28        Lodger, Linesman with the railroad; single; born in N.C., parents born in S.C.

(ED 396, 2A)



Rue C. Ewan               57        Grocery store clerk, earned $2,000 in 1939; renting-$35/month; born in N. J.; 8 yrs. school;

Helen Ewan                55        Wife; 8 years of school

Maris Ewan                 31        Daughter; secretary oil equipment (?) co., earned $1,370 in 1939; single; 4 yrs. high school

Howard Ewan             19        Son; 4 yrs. high school

Joan Ewan                   16        Daughter; 1 yr. high school

(ED 51-685 4A)

            In 1935, they lived in Glenside, Montgomery Co.


1950 Directory: R. N. Gonzalez


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