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The Powelton Village Civic Association, is a Civic Organization, which serves the residents of Powelton Village and their concerns. The Association consists of volunteers who contribute their time for the betterment of the community.

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The Powelton Village Civic Association meets the third Monday (except July and August) of every month to consider issues of importance to the people of Powelton Village. Please feel free to join us. Meetings start at 7:30 pm and are held at the Metropolitan Baptist Church, 3500 Baring Avenue.

Mailing address:

Powelton Village Civic Association
P.O. Box 7616,
Philadelphia, PA 19101-7616

Association Officers

President - Michael Jones

President Elect - John Philips

Past - President - George Poulin

Vice President for Membership - Sonya Britnall

Secretary - Deb Burnham

Treasurer - David Crawford

Archivist - Michael Jones


Campus/Community Committee - Joan Weiner

Greening Committee - Connie Lotz

Zoning Committee - George Poulin (chair), Larry Biond, David Girasole, Sue Minnis, Jack Minnis, Amy Montgomery, Ray Ricketts, Michael Cramer.

Tot Lot - Robin Dominick & Paulette Greenwell (co-chairs)

Historic Preservation - Helma Weeks

Streets - Joe Alberti

Powelton Post - Gillian Staack (design/co-editor) & Scott Measley (co-editor).
Jamie Montgomer (design)
Deb McCarty



Police District Advisory Council (PDAC) - Michael Resnick

Group Homes Liaison - Betty Baumann

Powel School Liaison - Anne Pomerantz

Membership List - Meg Wise (directory) Deb McCarty (list)

Representative to the CEC - Terry Labov

Helicopter Noise - Ken Yanoviak

Web Site - Michael Jones


PVCA Constitution as amended in 2013

PVCA Conflict of Interest Policy

Policy and Guidelines Regarding Commercial Enterprises in the Historic Powelton Village District


"Powelton Neighbors, where Neighbors live and work together," going through material about Powelton I came across this brochure for Powelton Village put together for Powelton Village in 1960.