Membership in the PVCA is open to all residents of Powelton Village, owners and renters alike. Members have a voice in the decisions and leadership of the PVCA and support the efforts of the PVCA through their dues, donations and volunteer efforts. Membership includes listing in the PVCA Directory, which is published annually in April.

Membership Types:

All “Memberships” include a listing in the PVCA Directory and a copy of the Directory.

  • Resident/Former Resident Membership
    Includes voting rights (current residents only), neighborhood email alerts, delivery of the Powelton Post and the PVCA Directory to your home.
  • Non-Resident Property Owner Membership
    Includes voting rights, neighborhood email alerts, mailing of Powelton Post to your address outside of Powelton.
  • Organization or Business Membership
    Includes subscription to the Powelton Post and a featured listing in the PVCA Directory.
  • Non-member Subscription to the Powelton Post
    (Does not include a listing in or a copy of the Directory)
    Includes delivery of the printed Powelton Post, with postal mailing to your address if outside of Powelton.

To renew via the online membership form click here.

To download a printable membership form click here.

To make an additional donation to PVCA, please visit our Donate page.